About Us


Breezeway (located in Florida: but you knew that from the palm trees) provides writers with print-on-demand and e-publishing opportunities, and also offers first-class editing services (if required), and experienced personal assistance in getting your book into first class condition. Breezeway makes sure the content is ready for the market, and only Breezeway will set your book up for you so that you get all the royalties and can buy POD books at publisher prices.   


Breezeway Books Self-Publishing - You Keep All The Royalties

At Breezeway Books,  we do the work of turning your manuscript into a book.  Then we set up your book for print and distribution through Amazon or through Ingram in YOUR name, so you get ALL the royalties.  Why, you ask, would we do that?  The answer is simple: We are a small company, and computers do not do the royalties.  This takes about two days to do for 2000+ books, and though our share is substantial, we decided it would be more effective to let the authors keep their royalties.  That way, we thought, we would make up in publishing what we might lose in royalties; our royalties would be done by Amazon's or Ingram's computers, and we would not have to devote all that time to doing the royalties and sending them out.  Win-win-win.

Breezeway Self-Publishing Services

Breezeway offers first-class editing services (if required), and experienced personal help in getting your book into marketable condition. Only Breezeway makes sure your content is ready for the market, then sets up the book for print and distribution so that all the royalties go directly to you.  Unlike other publishers, Breezeway takes no share in your sales. This enables you to price the book competitively and still make money.


Self-publishing is often the best (and sometimes the only) way for writers to get their works into print. Among the most famous self-published authors are:


Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass
Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn
John Grisham: A Time to Kill
Richard Bolles: What Color Is Your Parachute?
L. Ron Hubbard: Dianetics
Irma Rombauer: The Joy of Cooking
Richard Nixon: Real Peace
James Redfield: The Celestine Prophecy


These writers have sold millions of copies, and some of them are still self-publishing because, despite what the big publishing companies said, people still want to read what they have to say.

Why Publish With Breezeway?

Self-publishing is competitive, and your self-publishing company has to help you produce the best book that's in you. Here's why Breezeway is the publishing company you should choose:

  • We publish any kind of book - from children's books to advanced mathematics and everything in between.

  • We provide fast, dedicated service, and make sure your book has a modern look that matches its subject matter.

  • We set your book up for distribution, so that you get ALL the royalties direct from the distributor(s).  Once we've finished the setup of your book, you are ready to market it, promote it, and collect your royalties as they come in.


In addition, Breezeway's personnel are all located in the USA, not just the sales people, and English is our native language.  When communicating your vision for your book, nothing could be more important ... except, perhaps, being able to keep the money that the book makes.