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Carrol Mendelson is an accomplished actress as well as an award-winning play-wright with credits that include the play, Rachel & Julio, with co-writer William Katt, starring such notables as Lainie Kazan, Joe Bologna, Liz Larsen, Tony Plana, and June Gable.  Her award-winning children’s musical, Precious Piglet   and   Her   Pals,      with music and lyrics by composer, Ken Mazur; the drama, Imperfect Seed; as well as the

musical comedy, Borscht Belt Bistro, are all among her credits. She wrote the short film, Stand2Gether, which can be seen on YouTube, and was host of the syndicated radio show, The Creative Beat, where she interviewed talent in the creative arts. Currently, she is the writer/producer of an upcoming television documentary,

Carol is making her talent and experience available to Breezeway Books, so that authors of original works who want their books in audio format can have them setup, mastered, and available on Amazon and other places. She is responsible for production of the master recording, hiring voiceover talent, directing the reading, choosing music and special effects, and supervising the editing and finalization of the material.


Breezeway Books' talented writers and artists produce the text and artwork for the CD covers, and the professional audio book that results from this work and expertise can be sold on Amazon, at book shows, to bookstores, and to other retailers.

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