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Copyright Page Claimed in Your Name

When you write something new and original, even while you’re writing it, the copyright is automatically yours.  However, proving that you  are the original writer of the material it is not always as clear cut as it might be. You can file a claim with the Registrar of Copyrights that documents a date of creation and makes it difficult for others to steal your work.  Or you can document the date of publication.  All Breezeway books claim the copyright in the author's name inside the book. Only a claim that is documented on an earlier date can supplant this publication-dated claim.

All of our publishing packages include a copyright page claimed in your name. 

Some authors prefer to register their copyright themselves. If you want to register your manuscript with the Library of Congress Copyright Office, go to   There you can fill out Form TX and pay the copyright fee.  Then you will send a copy of the manuscript to them.  It can take one to three months to obtain the copyright this way.