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Let’s face it: we live in a visually dominated world, and although we know we shouldn’t, we often do judge books by their covers. A winning cover design can make the difference, convincing a reader to buy your book instead of one of the many thousands of others that are available.

All books published by Breezeway include a Custom Design or a Custom Design Plus full color cover. Breezeway never uses templates for book covers, nor do we charge extra for a custom design. Breezeway’s designers work with you and your ideas to create a one-of-a-kind book cover that will make your book stand out from the crowd. 

Front Cover – The front cover includes TEXT: the title, subtitle (if there is one), the author or authors name(s), and the images or graphics needed to create the cover artwork. We want to know your ideas and will use the high resolution images or graphics you send us. Graphics for use on the cover must be: 

  • 300 dpi at Full Size* resolution
  • CMYK color

*Full Size is scanned at a minimum of 6 inches by 9 inches for most books or larger if the finished book will be bigger than 6 x 9. 

NOTE: If you don’t own the photograph or graphic, you must get a release from the owner (photographer, artist, creator). 

Back Cover – We will include the following on your back cover unless you tell us otherwise: 

  1. Book Description (Around 200 words)
  2. Author Bio (Around 50 words)
  3. Excerpts from Reviews, if available (Around 50 words each)
  4. A Photo of the Author that is:
    • 300 dpi at Full Size* resolution
    • CMYK color

Custom Plus Cover Design    $129

Breezeway’s professional cover designer will work directly with you on your Custom Design Plus cover, making sure that it illustrates the content in your book and catches the eyes of potential readers.

The Difference between Custom and Custom Plus:

  • More images to choose from.
  • Your Breezeway designer will research genre-specific cover trends before deciding on the fonts and images used to make an impact on potential readers.
  • Your Breezeway designer will provide choices of styles for you to look at and decide upon.
  • Once you’ve chosen your design, your Breezeway designer will make sure it’s implemented correctly.
  • After you’ve viewed the first draft, you’ll be able to make changes to it, not once but twice without any additional fees.
  • Once your changes have been made part of the book cover design, you’ll get a PDF of the final cover design.

Custom Plus Cover Design is available as an add-on to any publishing packages that don't include it.