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All Breezeway publishing packages come with custom formatting. The inside of a book is where the story is told, and the interior design is an important aspect of book production, showing your words up to their best advantage and quietly making art out of fonts, glyphs, and relationships between sizes. Whether you’re telling a story or making a point, interior formatting matters.

Custom formatting includes everything needed to set up a standard book, however some technical books may require some non-standard work. Items such as indexing or footnotes are available for an additional fee.

Additional Image Insertions$5 / add'l image

All Breezeway publishing packages include the insertion of some images, tables, or text boxes for formatting into your book. However, that doesn’t mean you can't have more. We’d be happy to include as many of these graphical elements as you want, but because it takes extra formatting time and resources to handle them, there is an additional charge per element when you send us more than what is included in your publishing package. Images must be provided at 300 dpi at their full size. If you need assistance scanning images into the computer, please see our Image Scanning service.

Please enter the number of additional image insertions you'd like to add.



Not everyone needs an index, but if your book is non-fiction and you think an index will be useful (and necessary if you’re going to try to market to libraries), we can help.  We will provide a professional index for a list of search terms that you provide us. This list can include as many search terms as you desire, and our index will include page numbers for each appearance of your search term in the text.



Many professional books include not just a bibliography at the back, but also citations throughout the text.  If you include endnotes in your text, the formatting will keep them, but this will require extra formatting time. This service covers up to 100 endnotes. If you need more than that, there will be an additional fee of $0.50 per endnote.



If you need to include footnotes in your text, we will format your book accordingly, but these sophisticated elements will require extra formatting time. This service covers up to 100 footnotes. If you need more than that, there will be an additional fee of $0.50 per footnote.