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International Standard Book Numbers are in use today in more than 150 countries. ISBN Agencies throughout the world are administered by the International ISBN Agency, located in London, UK. These numbers are used to make every book unique.  So if you have a hardcover, paperback, and ebook of the same book, each version needs a different unique ISBN to identify it.  This number will allow bookstores, libraries, or anyone else to  locate your book quickly and easily.

You can buy your ISBNs direct from Bowker at a cost of $125 for one or $295 for ten.  If we use these numbers, you will be the publisher.  Alternatively, you can buy ISBNs from Breezeway Books at $50 each, three for $125, or ten for $200.  In this case, the record will show Breezeway as the publisher even though distribution will be setup in your name and all royalties will go directly to you.