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Digital Proofs

Throughout the production of your book, you will be receiving digital proofs showing the work at various stages.  First, we provide a Rough Format digital proof.  This shows the fonts that will be used, the size of the book, the spacing, and other basics, and you can make as many changes to this Rough Format as you like. The second digital proof we send you is a Final Format.  Using the parameters agreed upon in the Rough Format, we create a final document and submit it for your approval.  You may make up to 30 small changes to this Final Format.   The next digital proof you will receive is your cover design, and you can approve this or suggest changes for the artist to make.  Once you’ve approved the digital proof of the cover and the text, we will print a physical proof, an actual copy of the book.

Physical Proof

Although we provide several digital proofs, we’ve found that many authors still miss some of the mistakes in their text.  That’s why we include a physical proof copy of the actual book before printing up your free copies.  The physical proof is your chance to go over an actual copy of the book and make sure that it’s ready to go before releasing it to the world.

All of our publishing packages (excluding eBook only) include one physical proof. 

Additional Proof Copy $50

While all of our publishing packages include one Physical Proof, occasionally authors may want one more hard copy proof before their book is released into the world. If that's the case, we have you covered.