Children’s Stories Show the Value of Family

mouseandcat Fort Lauderdale, July 2015:  Some of the best children’s stories are about cats and mice.  Tom and Jerry’s constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes is entertaining, but if Jerry weren’t a lone mouse who enjoyed pulling Tom’s tail and engaging him in an endless game of wits, if he were a grown up mouse with children to protect, the story would be different.  Bill Burt’s new children’s stories are contained in a book, Mouse and Cat, published by Breezeway Books, that lets us see cat and mouse children’s stories from the perspective of a family of mice, allowing five to twelve-year-olds to see how a united family can protect them against the worst that the world can throw at them.

The two children, Boomer and Cher, aren’t always safe, even in their own living room. Though their father and grandmother try to provide in this dangerous environment, their home is ruled by Killer, the cat, and anything can happen. As small beings in a world of giants, children can relate. In fact, the story of these mice shows children how they can survive, and even thrive, in a hostile environment by working together as a family, while adults may find ways to understand why their children behave as they do.

Bill Burt, a grandfather and the author of Mouse and Cat, is a longtime storyteller, having entertained his sons and grandchildren with his children’s stories on their family’s many camping trips and travels. This story, developed and refined over the years, is packed with sudden thrills and exciting chases as well as heroic rescues, because Bill knows what it takes to hold the attention of a child.  As a retired engineer and voracious reader, he also refuses to talk down to children, challenging them to understand both language and events.

Mouse and Cat, an old story with a new twist, was written for kids, but adults may also find it useful in understanding and relating to their children.

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