Book Editor – Do You Really Need One?

book-editorBook Editor – Why You Need One

by Deborah Greenspan

It’s about credibility: If you want people to respect your work, it has to be professional. What if your readers can spot gram­matical errors that you didn’t know were there? What if they see holes in your logic? Or loose ends you forgot to tie up? Every mistake in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall organization; anything that trips up the smooth flow of ideas from you to your reader is a potential minefield and justifies the use of a book editor.  Enough errors can mean failure–no matter how hard you worked at get­ting your ideas across or how beautiful your cover art is.

As a professional writer and book editor with a Master’s Degree in Communication and eight published books,  I know what it takes to finish a book. I’ve spent the last fifteen years sharing this expertise with other writers.  It’s my mission to help authors bring their work to fruition.

You can find out whether your manuscript needs editing by sending me a copy. I’ll review it (or another editor will do so) at no cost to you and get back to you with that information. Once we’ve evalu­ated the book and advised you on our desire to publish it, you can officially submit it to us on our site at Even if you decide to use a different book editor, Breezeway’s free edit review is a useful tool.

Because I’m a writer and book editor as well as the publisher of Breezeway, I have no trouble telling a good book editor from a bad one. I test hundreds of editors and use only one or two out of a hundred tested. It’s amazing how many editors take my test and how many fail it. The problem is that if you’re not an editor yourself, it’s a little hard to tell if a book editor does good work.

Be careful who you choose.

Our rates are based on finding out how much editing is needed and how frequently editing is needed. If the manuscript needs only minor proofreading, and there are only a few errors on a page, that’s one rate. But if there are many errors on a page and they’re more serious, that’s another rate. We try to be very clear on this as it’s up to us to make sure that the job gets done right, and we do stand behind each book editor we use.

If you want to take advantage of our free editing review, please visit our site at and click on Contact Us to send us a copy of your manuscript.

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