College Mayhem Can Still Be Fun

Fort Lauderdale, November, 2015: In October, 2015, there were four college shootings in the U.S., and Time Magazine reported at that time, that there had been twenty-three shootings on college campuses throughout the year.  It seems that college in the 21st century has become a dangerous place.  But there was a time, and there still are places where college is more fun than it is frightening as Craig Sullivan reminds us in his new book, School Daze: The Hinkley Community College Chronicles.We might wonder what goes on behind closed doors on local college campuses, but at Hinkley Community College, we can peek inside and get the answers without taking the class. Peopled by zany characters and fast-paced dialogue, School Daze chronicles the rise and fall of a for-profit community college in the information age. The residents of Hinkley County get scammed again but find a way to turn a failing grade into a first-class graduation. Readers should expect the unexpected and revel in the fact that in small-town America, good still prevails even on college campuses. Maybe especially on college campuses.

Craig Sullivan continues to engage his reader with interesting characters and hilarious dialogue. School Daze is the fourth novel in the Hinkley County series. Sullivan holds a BS from the School of Broadcast Journalism at Kent State University, resides in Lima, Ohio, and has operated his own business for over 30 years.

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