Guaranteed Reviews

Guaranteed Reviews

One of the best ways to sell books is to have readers post reviews on your book page on Amazon.  These reviews, especially those posted on Amazon have to be the real deal.  In fact, Amazon has recently taken steps to remove reviews that are not written by people who actually purchased the book.  That's why our readers will be your first buyers too.  Then they will read the book and write a review.  

The reviews are  honest, but as is a time-honored tradition in the publishing trade, we can use excerpts of reviews that aren't entirely positive to make the tone positive. For example, suppose a reviewer wrote this sentence:

        "This book is a pleasant way to pass the time despite a 

           few loose ends and excessively wordy sentences."

Yikes!  The excerpt is:  "a pleasant way to pass the time ..."

         "The author's mastery of the English language is apparent,

          but sometimes, he seems to miss the boat entirely and

          goes on and on like a broken record."

The excerpt is:  "author's mastery of the English language is                                                  apparent ..."

You get the idea. The three dots indicate that there is more to the review. Although it may sound dishonest, all marketing does this kind of thing: glossing over the negatives and accentuating the positives.  That's just the world, and it's not limited to books. 

If the review is going to be negative, we will tell the reviewer not to post it, another time-honored marketing tradition in the publishing world.  

You can get three Guaranteed Reviews to kick off your marketing strategy or five.  These will be posted on your Amazon page and anywhere else you want to put them. In addition, you can use these reviews, the full or abbreviated text, in your press releases, advertising, and promotions.  You can even put one or more on your book's cover.