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Let the world know that your book is available.

Nothing happens without marketing. It takes work to let people know they should check out your book and why.

Fortunately, the internet and online marketing has made it easier than ever to promote your book. Online marketing includes all the possibilities of the modern age such as using social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Goodreads, and Twitter, to brand and draw attention to your work and yourself.

You can post a video book trailer (like a movie trailer) to help get sales, or you can get Guaranteed Customer Reviews for your Amazon book page that will let people know that other readers like your book. These methods can help in making your book and your name known.

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We all know how important book reviews are for selling books, but they're not always so easy to get. That's why Breezeway has recruited reviewers who will read your book and write honest book reviews about it, right where they matter most: On your selling pages.

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Video is powerful, and it's a great way to promote a book. A video book trailer, like a movie trailer, gives potential buyers a first look at the story; it's a teaser that promotes the story in a way that can get readers to buy the book. Your book trailer can go on your author page at Amazon, on youtube, and on many other locations. You can promote your book trailer to libraries through Overdrive and place it on social media sites as well. Your video book trailer can get attention for your book, and that's what marketing is all about.

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