Offset vs POD printing

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

We offer two different printing options to keep costs reasonable for both large and small quantities: Print-on-Demand (POD) and Offset Printing. Because your POD books are printed under your own account, you get them at the best possible wholesale prices.

This allows you to get ALL the royalties on your book and to print your copies at the wholesale, print cost. With this benefit, you can make your book competitive with titles offered by big traditional publishers and STILL make money. When you have to share your royalties with a self publishing company, you have to sell your books more expensively, and sometimes can't even set a reasonable price. That's why Breezeway Books was born.

When POD first came out, they said it would level the playing field between self publishing authors and big publishers, but they were, to be kind, fudging the truth. There were so many ways in which POD books could not compete: 1) the cost of printing was very high compared to books printed offset; 2) self publishers lacked the ability to take returns; 3) because printing was so costly, self publishers had to provide lower discounts to booksellers in order to get a competitive price for the book; 4) distributors penalized self publishers by raising their share of the distributor discount on discounts that were set lower than the traditional 55%, and 5) frequently, editing was inferior to traditionally published books, or worse, there was NO editing.

People worried about the quality of POD books, but that did not even get them close to the real issues. POD books are comparable to books printed in large quantities on offset presses. Maybe experts can tell the difference, but most potential readers cannot.

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