Press Release with Distribution and Reviewer List


Press Releases are used to inform the media that a new product,  in this case, a new book is in the world. This publication notice is a very important method of letting people know that the book is out there and ready for readers to experience. There's an unwritten rule, however,  regarding  PR,   and   it's

this: The more influential the person, the more press releases he's expected to

read. Inevitably, some never get his attention, so you want to think carefully about how you will use your press release.  Do you really think it will be noticed at NBC or on another network?  Or do you think you might want to start locally and expand as the word goes out and you, or the title of the book, gain some traction in the media?  Here's what's included:

1) We will write a powerful, relevant press release for you and

2) provide a list of URL addresses for companies that will distribute that press release, some for free. 

3) We will also provide a list of potential reviewers who might look at your PR and the ebook you send with it. 


After the book is in distribution, you can begin sending this PR out to your local papers and internet sites.  Later on, you should expand that distribution to include more prominent reviewers.  At this point, the choice to send ebooks or paper ones is up to you, but at least, because Breezeway sets you up as an independent author, you'll be able to get your book at the lowest possible print cost.