Breezeway's Classic Publishing package includes everything needed to get your book into print and into distribution.  Send your book out into the world as both a classic trade paperback and a Kindle eBook, with worldwide distribution through Amazon.This package includes: 

  •      1-on-1 Customer Service
  •      Non-Exclusive Contract
  •      Copyright Claim in your name
  •      ISBN Assignment
  •      LOC#
  •      EAN / Barcode
  •      Editing Assessment
  •      Custom Formatting
  •      Image Insertion (10 included)
  •      Cover Design
  •      Back Cover/Summary Edit
  •      eBook Format
  •      eBook Distribution in  your name
  •      Paperback Format
  •      Paperback Distribution in your name
  •      Amazon Look Inside
  •      5 Keywords
  •      Author Buys books at print (lowest possible) cost
  •      10 Free Paperback Copies

Classic Publishing

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