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Everything in  modern day publishing is done on the computer, so if you’re still using a typewriter or handwriting your work, the material must first be entered into a computer before it can be published.

Typed Manuscripts$2.50 / page

Text must be typed in a 12 point font or larger, double-spaced, on 8.5 x 11 paper.  If your font is smaller than 12 point or if you’re providing us with handwritten material, then we will have to see the material to estimate the cost.

Please enter the number of pages in your manuscript:


Handwritten ManuscriptsBy Estimate Only

Handwritten text is different for everyone. Some people write neatly; some write messily.  To determine the cost of entering your text into the computer when it’s handwritten, we have to look at it first and then provide you with a cost. This also applies to text that is typed in a font that is smaller than 12 point.