Launch your page turner into the world with style.

It’s a new world—a digital world—and books, now, are not just books; they’re also information.  It’s okay though.  Our Page Turner Publishing package brings the old world and the new together to give you the worldwide distribution for your color book as both a paperback and an eBook.  In addition to everything provided in the Classic Publishing package, the Page Turner also includes the eWorldwide package, allowing your eBook to be read on almost all eReading devices and distributed through Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, Smashwords, and many other internet sites.

But that’s not all, the Page Turner package also includes a Launch Kit with materials you’ll need to help with marketing, as well as 10 free copies of your paperback book.


Distribution & Marketing:

*Number of free copies based on standard color selection and for books up to 50 pages.