At Breezeway, we are readers as well as writers and editors, and book editing matters to us. If a book isn’t edited, readers may spot grammatical errors you didn’t know were there, holes in your logic, or loose ends you forgot to tie up. Every mistake in grammar, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, and overall organization—anything that trips up the smooth flow of ideas from you to your reader—is a potential minefield, and enough errors can mean failure, no matter how hard you work at getting your ideas across or how beautiful your published book may appear.

Professional book editing is a time-consuming process requiring education and skill. Getting the plot down on paper is one thing; getting it on paper so that everyone who reads it "gets it" is something else. Book editing refines ideas, catches misused words, and makes sure the grammar is as close to immaculate as is possible while leaving your style and "voice" intact. As professional writers and editors, we know what book editing takes, and we’re happy to share our expertise. 


Free Edit Assessment

Our free of charge, no obligation Edit Assessment will let you know whether your book needs editing or not. If it does, we'll let you know how much work it needs.  Click here, and we will let you know what editing will cost.  


Critique and Analysis
While our free Edit Assessment can tell how much grammatical work is needed on your book, for a thorough critique, you need a professional editor to read your entire book and analyze all aspects of it from structure to dialogue to character development and plot consistency. With this assistance, you will find out what you’ve missed and how to fix it. Learn More...



A Copy Edit will take care of those little things that almost everyone misses: punctuation, spelling, typos, capitalization, and minor grammatical issues.

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Full Edit

A Full Edit will address frequent errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and grammar, as well as sentence structure, wordiness, and word choice.

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A Rewrite is more substantive than the Full Edit. Our editors will also fix issues in rhythm, repetitiveness, and sentence structure as well as address grammatical choices, typos, spelling and all the rest.

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Heavy Duty Rewrite

When English is not your first language, there may be serious issues with sentence structure, word usage, and grammar.  If these are extensive, a Heavy Duty Rewrite can correct the text.  Our editors are sensitive and careful to maintain or draw out what you mean and are trying to say.

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Final Line Edit

Traditional publishers often have multiple rounds of editing to ensure that every little mistake is caught. Our Final Line Edit makes your book as close to perfect as possible.

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Developmental Package

Our Developmental Edit provides the tools you need to produce the best possible book, including a Critique and Analysis, a Full Edit, and a final Line Edit.

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Book Doctor

Once you’ve had a Critique and Analysis, you may want help with making changes suggested by the editor. Our professional Book Doctors can do the work for you.

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If you know what you want to write a book about, but need help with the actual writing, our Ghostwriting service will get the work done for you.

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Critique & Analysis


"Let's eat grandma."   

"Let's eat, Grandma."   

              — Editing can save lives.