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Product Description

A professional book designer will create a Custom Cover Plus for your book based on your back cover description and your suggestions.  This unique cover will make your book stand out in the crowd and attract potential readers.  It includes a bar code, and we edit the back cover description you provide.  In addition, the Custom Cover Plus can use more than one image (we will pay for two, but if you have additional images you want to use, we can use those too.)  In addition to extra images, the images on a Custom Cover Plus can be manipulated.  We can change the colors and sizes of objects, composite two images into one, or add effects such as drop shadows or glows, streaks of light etc., depending always on what’s best for the book.

The process for creating a custom cover includes:

  • Choosing the images that will be used.   A Custom Cover Plus can be made using high resolution images that you provide, or you can search on Fotolia and give us the stock numbers of the images you want (up to two), so we can buy them for your book.
  • Once the images are selected, our book designer will create the cover, and we will submit a jpg for your approval. If there are changes you want to make (positioning, fonts, colors, etc.), we will be happy to make them.
  • We accept two rounds of changes without charge.
  • After two rounds of changes, the cost is $75 per hour for further changes.
  • Once you approve the cover and the formatting, the book will be ready to set up for distribution, so you can start getting the royalties.  Don’t forget: with Breezeway Books, we will help set you up so you get ALL the royalties.


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