What They're Saying About Us (Page 2 - 4+)   


"I just wanted to let you know that I received the finished copy of my book and it is everything I had hoped it would be. My experience with your company was outstanding. Please express my heartfelt thanks to all of the staff that worked on my book. I will be in touch shortly to begin work on a marketing program. "

Thank you for the fine cover! It is just what I wanted. I really like what you did on the border of the painting. I received the proof copy of the book yesterday and I am one happy camper. Happy 4th of July."

Keith L. Thomas


"As always, you did a lovely job."

Joost Hensen

Author of Chlorine and Claudine


"Hi Robyn, You've done an incredible job. Thank you!"

Marc Garrett

Author of North of the River


"Hello again Deborah, You know, I'm learning so much about you and your company each and every day. I just finished reading the book you (wrote and) recommended on 'publishing.' It is awesome! It is brief and to the point - very basic, with honest information. Deborah I really feel as though you were chosen by God as my personal 'book publication angel.' From the day I found your site on the Internet, which was a few years ago, I've had nothing but confidence in you. When I mention to people that I've chosen you to publish my first book, they want to know why. I tell them how encouraging you were from first time you read my manuscript. Trust me, I searched around for other publishers. But my heart and mind indicated I should stick with you. I'm so happy I did, because my experiences with your company thus far have been amazing to say the least. You have a wonderful staff of patient and courteous women and men. Thanks again for all you've done, and keep doing, for me and others. May God continue to bless your business."

Angela Singleton

Diamond's Fate


"Hi Deborah. Although Robyn saw no need for this note, I felt it was appropriate anyway. I will be sending a separate testimonial recognizing Cassandra, Fina, and the rest of you for your amazing professionalism and dedication. In the meantime, I have to single out Robyn, who was playing 'injured.' In spite of what I know to be a very uncomfortable medical condition, she worked through the PDF adjustments cheerfully and effectively. Only because of the close working relationship was I even made aware that she was not at the top of her game-- it was not apparent from the quality or speed of her work at all. In my opinion, she represents the best principles of customer service and team support. Another example of the fabulous team you have assembled!"

Robert D (Dr Bob) Thompson

Author of Measurement Consultant




"Thanks very very very much, Diane. Also, I thought you might like to know that my best friend told me that you were absolutely wonderful to her in helping her 'un-screw-up' the order she placed with the wrong delivery address. People have a tendency to register complaints and not compliments, and I try not to only do that. I really think you have been terrific through all this and I am very grateful."

Mavis Donnelly

Author of Dust on the Road


"I received the advance copy of Meeting at the Divide. It's a thing of beauty, and my gratitude to all."

Daril Bentley

Author of Meeting at the Divide


"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for your efforts in bringing "Earl the Pearl" to life. It's been an interesting experience. I guess without you and your staff's encouragement, I might have given up on this project. I get the impression that the people there are family and enjoy what they do. It being my first project, I had no idea what I was getting into and was a little apprehensive, but no one made me feel lost in my questions and demands. I'm looking forward to doing another book project with you soon. Again, I thank you for helping new authors bring their ideas to print. "


Dennis Santos

Author of Earl the Pearl - a baseball story



"Diane, I truly appreciate the great customer service you provided throughout my lost book saga...when you said 'I will call you back,' you did; when you said, 'I will follow up with the printer,' you did; and when you said, 'the book will arrive today,' it arrived. Superior customer service skills, such as yours, are hard to find today, and when they are found they should be recognized!"


Dean Brady

Author of The Leadership Road



"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and support with the making of my book. You are all so helpful, punctual, and professional. I really enjoyed working with you.


"I saw the book on your website and on Amazon. It looks great on both! I can't wait to get the postcards.


"Hope to hear from you soon regarding the other perks in the package I chose. Again, thank you very much!"


Kelly Phillips Bookamer

Author of  Dear Dad



"Yesterday I received the proof copy of my book, The Wreckless Manager, and could not be happier. I appreciate all of the hard work each member of your staff put in to it.


"Robyn and Fina, the formatting you contributed gave the book great eye appeal and made it pleasing, easy to read and flow smoothly. My wife picked it up and began reading it last night. She is not a reader and commented on how easy it was to read.


"Rocky, I love the front and back covers! Thanks for hanging in there with me as we examined various proofs. A friend of mine who creates wedding and party invitations commented on how much she loved it!


"Cassandra, thanks for being available to answer my questions and for coordinating the whole project.


"Now the fun part begins....MARKETING! I can't wait to receive the first copies.


"Thanks to all of you for a job well done!"


Tommy White

Author of The Wreckless Manager



"I received the hard, proof copy of my book... Everything looks great! I'm very pleased with my book.Deborah, you and your staff did an excellent job. THANK YOU!!!!!"

Stephanie Nowlin

Author of Beatrice's Tulips



"Easy, enjoyable, worth the money, each step of the way was straight forward."

Steve Grimes

Author of Death in Sturgis



" I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT... It just gives Me such a warm feeling. Thank you for capturing The thought..."

Liz Delgado

Author of Casi Americanos



"Deborah, you are a very special lady. Thank you so much for all your help, and may God richly take care of you in all ways."

Peggy Yellen

Author of Set Free



"Robyn … Once again…many thanks for your help and support!"

Kevin D. Moore

Author of Did You Ever Wonder Why Black People Do The Things They Do?



"Robyn, I just want to tell you that you are awesome! I love that you respond to all my questions and that you do so in an efficient and thorough manner. I really, really appreciate that!"

Peggy Baker

Author of The Scrapbook: A novel of friendship and love



"I just want to thank everyone for helping me through to the completion of my book. I especially appreciated your patience, friendliness, and professionalism. It was difficult at the beginning to know which book publisher to choose, but I truly believe the Lord led me to you wonderful folks. Thank you so much."

Ron Griffin

Author of One Hill At A Time



"You are awesome! The cover is simple, yet strangely haunting. Don't touch a thing. I didn't really know what I wanted until you showed me. :-)"

Mark D. Chevalier

Author of Azriel



"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my book. I've received several compliments on the quality of the book, as well as the cover design. Kudos to your staff! I hope you and your staff have a joyous holiday season!"

Tim Werling

Author of Woman of the Raj



"I wanted to commend you and your staff. I received my book in the mail yesterday, and I am quite thrilled and pleased by it. It's good to finally get it out of my computer and into a real, bona fide book. From everyone to Cassandra to Rocky, thanks for bringing this dream of mine into fruition. The editing was really great. Though the words expressed are mine, in certain spots the different word choice chosen helped to bring about a greater depth, so that the meaning originally intended was clear. And, of course, without having an attractive and interesting cover, most people aren't tempted into buying; so thank you for providing an outstanding cover. Thank you."

Saldanha Ridley

Author of A Celebration of Love



"Thank you so much for the interest and good work you put out. You (Fina) and Rocky have been wonderful to work with. Gracias."

Liz Delgado

Author of Casi Americanos



"I am still getting great compliments on the cover you designed for Beyond Anger. Thanks to you and everyone who worked on the book. You guys are great!!!"

Steve Cooper

Author of Beyond Anger


"First let me say that working with your people has been a pleasure and that I am extremely happy with the completed book! In fact, I'm twenty some chapters into the next book and plan to use your services again. I would like to buy 100+ copies for distribution for review as well as a number that I'm sending to servicemen in Iraq."

Steven Grimes

Author of Death in Sturgis


"Today I got a proof copy of LilliBunny in Winter! It is AMAZING!!!!!... Thank you for your work!!!!!!!"

Bruce Kriger

Author of LilliBunny in Winter


"Three months ago I retired from Engineering. In my work life (see attached) I worked with a lot of companies. The experience I had with your company over the past couple of months has been very pleasant. I appreciate all the help everyone in your Publishing Co. has been during the development of my book, Night Cafe. To a customer this is very important. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone."

Martin P. Foster

Author of Night Cafe



"We are extremely pleased with the proof copy of 'Beast' that arrived at our doorstep via Next Day Air within only a day of my approval of the digital cover proof. The quality of your service continues to astound me. The quality of your work, (including but not limited to), the editing, formatting, and cover design, gives even the major publishing houses a run for their money. Please pass along my heartfelt appreciation to all the members of your team who have made sure that quality was poured into the production of my book every step of the way. I can only hope that those who read the book will find the story contained within its pages worthy of the care that was put into its production. Thanks for making your talents available to first time authors, like me. You're the best!"

David N. Donch

Author of Beast



"I’ve just approved both covers. You are a genius. If I could write like you create artistic covers, I’d be the next Hemingway. Thank you, again. "
Kelly Moore



"Deborah, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to congratulate you on your great publishing company. So far, every staff of yours that I've encountered has been very friendly and professional. Even the lady whom I spoke to about paying up the rest of my balance, Diane, asked me to pay my balance nicely. ... Again, I truly appreciate the combined efforts of your staff. The cover of the book is exquisite. Have you seen mine? It is the best!"

Rita Ihekwaba

Author of Walking in the Spirit



"Just a quick e-mail to tell you how happy I have been with your company. Everybody that I have worked with has done a terrific job and some of us have even developed friendships. Robyn and Rocky have been outstanding. Have you had an opportunity to see the cover yet? Rocky did a terrific job and his enthusiasm for the project shows. I am very happy with all the service and the consideration taken while I was recuperating from surgery, that certainly slowed me down. But we are almost there, ready to publish. I would like to put your logo and a link on my website, will that be OK? www.stemsoflife.com Thanks again. Good job everybody."

Virginia (Ginny) E. Hansen

Author of Stems of Life



"I believe you will find Breezeway worthy of publishing your book with the best professional attention.

Deborah, the editor, is wonderful and caring, and so is the entire staff.

You are in good hands."


Billy C. Johnson, MD.,Ph.D

Ultimate Health Plus, LLC

Author of Prescription for Healthy Weight Loss and Optimum Health



"Thanks for the links. It is really a great feeling to see an idea for a book that I had for years to finally reach its completion by being released to the world as a well designed book with a great cover! And I have you to thank because it was a visit to your website that inspired me and gave me the motivation, the strength and persistence to finally materialize this idea into a book. It was a vision of the page that I just saw with my book on it that gave me all the push I needed to work hard for three months to complete and realize a lifelong dream. For this, I thank you and your utmost professional staff with all my heart for inspiring me and helping me realize my dream. I paid a minimal fee but the result is priceless. Deborah, please feel free to use this as a client testimonial. This is the least I can do in return for what I received from you. Again, thank you all so much."
Petros Sivitanides

Author of Profitable Real Estate Investing



"I have no words to thank you! It's such a pleasure to work with your publishing company... You are my inspiration! Thank you very much!"

Bruce Krieger

Author of Lilli-Bunny



"Thank you very much, Robyn. I truly appreciate your thoughtful help and kind manner."

"Rocky ... I just want you to know I adore the cover you created for my book...as does everyone else I've shown it to. It is so inviting! I only hope my text can live up to it!"

Marilyn Mackay Ballard Rabakukk

Author of The Mackays of Arichliney: A History of James Mackay



"Hi Deb... just wanted to say, 'Thank You' for the great feeling that comes when good things happen. You are part of good things, and will always be special."

"Thank you for making dreams come alive in the work you do best. I am pleased to have Deborah Greenspan as my coach. I also enjoyed the drive it takes to get my book into public view. Holding the final product in my hand and seeing my name on the cover page not only put a smile on my face, but a glow in my hair. It’s been a pleasure knowing that everyone plays a great part in the work they do. I am pleased to have chosen your company to work with on my manuscript. My thanks go to Deborah Greenspan, Ron Ferris, Joanna, Robyn, Rocky, Diane, and Fina. And, of course, a special thank you to Shari Reimann.  You and your employees are truly great people; I am pleased to work with you all."
Annabel Francis-Harris

Author of The Other Side of the Forest



"Deborah, My son (Daniel Neumann) is so impressed with your personalized service and the uplifting correspondence that he has received from you and your company. I am very pleased we have chosen your company. ...I am so glad my son has been exposed to you. Because of you, he is seriously considering journalism and communications when he reaches college age."

Kathy Neumann

Mother of Author Daniel J. Neumann - OMA: One Man Army



“It is an unlikely event, when an author doesn't cringe at the sight of a change in his/her words. You have successfully bypassed this fear with your distinguished wit and unmatched clarity. You take a sentence and turn it into a polished idea. If a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words, you would surely make each word portray a thousand others…”

Dan Neumann

OMA: One Man Army



"I am grateful for the work you perform in turning amateur authors' dreams and manuscripts into respectable finished products. Please keep up the good work. It means a lot to me that a fellow author has provided a relatively painless avenue for POD efforts."

Richard S. Chin

Author of Legacy of Eden and Far from Heaven



"Just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC JOB, Shari [Formatting] is doing with the book, we could not ask for more!"

Beth Mammola-Koravos

Author of Lilly, the Littlest Cricket



"Robyn [Formatting] It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege working with you--you are professional, resourceful, and accommodative. Above all, you are very good at what you do. I have really enjoyed working with you throughout this difficult task."

Bill Johnson

Author of Prescription for Healthy Weight Loss



"I just wanted to tell you what a joy and pleasure it has been so far to work with each one of your staff members."

Kevin Kelly

Author of Letting the Lotus Bloom



"Self-publishing can be a heartbreaking experience if you make a wrong decision. I've heard many horror stories... I am very grateful to Deborah and her staff for making my first time out of the gate a win-win experience."

Victoria Pratt

Author of Basking in His Presence



"[Deborah,] there are so many details to keep in mind when publishing a book. Your staff is wonderful and respond promptly to my every question. You should be very proud of your staff."

Joyce Hansel

Author of The Chronic Disease/Pollution Connection



"I am sooo glad to be a part of this! :-)... You and your staff are the best thing that ever happened to me after I wrote my book. Stay tuned, I will be back once again with another book with you by the end of this year!"

Fatmah Azam

Author of Tes Sante: Your Ultimate Self-Help Guide to Weight Loss and Healthy Living



"My thanks to all you folk who worked smartly and swiftly to get my books to the Nantucket bookstore before summer ended. You've quite a group and operation there. I'm impressed and, as I said, thankful."

Peter Clayton

Author of Near Death on Nantucket



"I received the copy of the book today from the printer. It is perfect and looks great."

Heidi Howell

Author of Home to Freedom



"Just another thank you for making this process very simple. I've referred you to a couple of aspiring writers as well, so hopefully there will be future business for you!"

Alex Jean-Jacques

Author of I Have Something to Say!



"It looks very good... I appreciate all the good work that you have done. Thank you very much... Hopefully, after the book is published, we will work on the second edition..."

Dariush Rafinejad

Author of Innovation, Development, and Commercialization of New Products



"Your careful editing showed me that even some of your smaller changes made a world of difference to my manuscript. I found that your diligent rewording polished and highlighted my work, and brought more of my ideas to life. I accepted pretty well all your suggestions, and was inspired to make additional refinements while reworking my manuscript."

C. Margaret Hall

Author of Social Intelligence in Everyday Life



"I can't express my feelings as I take in my hands the first copy... I am pleased.  Across the Saltwater Bridge looks good, feels good, and has met my goal... Thank you and your team for a job well done."

Arthur R. Hamill

Author of Across the Saltwater Bridge



"Robyn [Formatting], you are wonderful - a magician. Thank you. I look forward to seeing them."

Francoise Paradis

Author of Evangeline



"Well, I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you again how much I appreciate all your kindness and help. You've been so good at getting back to me and going over things with me and I surely do appreciate everything you've done."


"You folks have just been so nice to me and now to finally see it all coming together...well, I don't have words. All I can say is much obliged."


Pandra Selivanov

Author of The Pardon


"Thanks again for the great work that you and your staff did with my book (The Killer Postman). Please tell everyone Hi, and that I haven't forgotten about their great work and support!"

Reginald Buchanan

Author of The Killer Postman



"Rocky [Graphic Artist in cover design], my friend, you are a true genius!!!! The cover looks incredible!! Good lord, man, you are talented. Maybe, it's time you start having a gallery showing of your work! I simply love it!!! Thank you so much for this!! Let's go with it!!"

"Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to dispatch this missive to you regarding the utter professionalism and tremendous ability of your formatting team. Shari and Robyn were fantastic to work with and I am overly thrilled with the look of my novel. You have some outstanding folks working for you and I cannot emphasize how impressed I am with them."

"I want to praise the impressive and professional editing I received for Anna's Trinity. The editor has greatly improved it for future readers. She did an exemplary job and I am stunned by her awesome ability. I am incredibly happy with having chosen you to publish my first novel. Praise to you all!"

Howard Cobiskey

Author of Anna's Trinity




Leslie Hopkins

Author of Adventures of Molly



"It has been a year since you published my memoirs, and I am still as thrilled now as then with the results. Thanks again to everyone for making this a reality for me."

Wilma Dutton

Author of When I Was a Little Girl and Other Short Stories


"It was such a surprise to get Bukavu in the mail. It came in 2 big boxes from the printer's and I hadn't expected it would come so soon. The book is perfect and just like I wanted it to be. Thanks to you and everyone else there.

I want to thank you for such a perfect job and all the hard work. Tell everyone they did a superb job and all of you must now CELEBRATE over it."

Rukhsar Sharif

Author of Bukavu


"I received the hardcover copies of my book... AWESOME! I love it. I look forward to working with your company on my next publication."
Drew/ aka Ajos

Author of Amorphous Models of the Soul