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We have published over 2500 books, and we always make sure our authors are happy with our work. Below are testimonials for books we’ve created. None of these testimonials for books were solicited. The authors were pleased, felt good about us, and let us know. We hope that when your book is finished, you too will be moved to send us one of these testimonials, so we can add it to our testimonial pages.


"Dear Shari,

It's always a pleasure working with you. I have enjoyed this process because of you."

Tricia Linden

Blog: Celebrate Romance, the Alchemy of Intimacy.
Book: Return In Time - a metaphysical spiritual romance.


"My "selected poems" has been a project very important to me, covering 35 years of work. I can't express strongly enough how pleased I am with the outcome, how easy and pleasant it is to work with all of you, and how gratified I am to have placed the book in your collective capable hands."

Daril Bentley -- Author of Minding Silence: Selected & New Poems 1977 - 2012


To Potential Authors:

"... I highly recommend Deborah and her crew for the quality of their product and their sense of professionalism. I've published eleven books with them and I'm very satisfied. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor."

Norman Beaupré

The Man With the Easel of Horn and many other titles


I was really excited to see the webpage up today. Thank you everybody for the wonderful work and service you have provided. I am very pleased with all aspects of the project: the editing, the formatting, the cover design, and for your wonderful customer service. All of you have been available to answer my questions, and also, have never hesitated to contact me when you needed a question answered. 
I did a lot of research and comparing many of the self-publishing firms out there, and I am very happy that I approached you with my writing project." 
Steven Fujita,
Author, Sword of the Undead




Simply superb."

Russell Robinson, Testament



"Just received the book.....I fear the words are not worthy of your incredible cover. THANK YOU !!!!!!!  YOU DO MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW....AND WE LOVE YOU FOR IT."

Russell Robinson, Testament



"Thanks. You guys have been awesome to work with. Thanks for all you've done. I'll be in touch!"

Jake Webber, Lafitte's Black Box


"You do excellent work in all phases of publication."

William E. Cooper, Flashpoint China



"I wanted to make a special effort to let you know how much I enjoy working with Debbie Dawson. While things don't always go perfectly in business, she has made it a point to be pleasant, helpful and understanding. She responds quickly, follows through thoroughly, and makes me feel she appreciates my business. She represents the company well at all times, and she is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for having her on your staff."
Viki Ryan, RN, Author of The Ultimate Medical Manager



"... If it wasn't for Deborah, I'm not sure I would have gone on with the project, and it would still be on my "to do one day" list. The workbook has been a very healing experience for me. It has also been very moving to talk with the parents and the kids who are using the book in their sibling support groups. This book has helped a lot of people, so it was worth the time and money invested. I truly appreciate all the publishing people who walked me through the process of making the idea real.

My goal is to be a best seller for you! I'm putting a lot of energy into marketing The Other Kid - I hope it translates into big sales and gets to all the kids going through a tough time."

Lorraine Donlon, Author of The Other Kid


"I could not have dreamed of a more customer sensitive and professional group of people anywhere.  You ALL have done a remarkable job . . . my first printing is a masterpiece of quality. . . . Thank you for helping me make this dream come true.  This has been a very worthy endeavor."

Darrell L. Bright, Growing Up with Bob



"I am very pleased to inform you that the 50 copies of PWA with all the promotional material arrived this morning in excellent condition. 

My congratulations to one and all for doing such a great job of my book. Thank you very, very much."


Alexander S. Erdélyi, Peace, War and the Aftermath




Hello Deborah,
"My thanks to you, Shari, Joe, Diane, Robin, and others who helped

shepherd my book into manifestation."
Warmest regards
Robert Zieve, M.D.




"I just picked up some copies of my book from Al, and I think they look great!

The cover is so much better than the advance copies. I've already sold several

of them without even trying. I hope I can hold onto enough of this first shipment for the first signing (which is already in the works)! I have also received several emails from people who have purchased on your website. Let's hope the ball keeps rolling."
Brian E. Dobbins, Jasmine's Husband Sam




"My 10 books arrived today,  March 11. Thank you very much for accommodating my urgent schedule, even ahead of time!"
Carol Stocking, Healing the Wounded Soul



"Thanks for notifying me that Let Freedom Ring was on the world wide web.  Everything looks great, even my picture.  I am impressed! ...

 I am grateful to you, and to all your wonderful people for helping to make Let Freedom Ring a success.  Thanks."


Irene Brown, Let Freedom Ring



"I approved the final proof of the book cover and all three items in the marketing kit...business cards, postcards and book markers. They all look great. Joe did a super job."


Robert Bongardt, Flashbacks of Youth



"Thanks for the wonderful press release you did for my book. I love it! I intend to use it a lot in my marketing efforts. Cheers!"
Gail (Farrelly), Creamed at Commencement



"I just felt the need to advise you of my satisfaction with Shari. She has been responsive, cooperative, and helpful. At this point in the process, I am pleased with my choice of publisher and have great expectations for a successful launch of Across the Saltwater Bridge." 


Art Hamill, Across the Saltwater Bridge


"It was a pleasure working with Deborah. My questions were always answered and concerns were addressed. The staff brought my copy to life with fabulous art work. Most important, my questions were always answered in a way that showed respect for my work. My next book will be with Breezeway, period. "

—Larry Gerston, Author of The Road to Hana